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Sea Wyn Welcome !

This web site is in place to inform members of the Seabrook and Wynyard Veteran Golfers Group
as well as prospective new members of all the news and activities within our group.
Members and visitors will also find the winning scores for each week or confirm correct dates of future veteran golfers tournaments around our region.
We welcome visitors from all over Australia and the World to our web site and we also invite them to come and join us here in Wynyard, Tasmania or indeed join any veteran golfers group around the world in order to remain active and healthy by joining the thousands who simply enjoy our sport and the fellowship of like-minded people.
Please note that everything is not always up to date as this site as it is maintained at no charge by one of the veteran golfers known as Wolf. However members and visitors can in most cases get information that would otherwise not be available to them 24/7.

Please feel free to explore all the links I have provided for you and if you have any suggestions on how to improve this site I would be very, very pleased to hear from you through the 'Contact Us' page or e-mail wolf(at)
Please replace (at) with the @ symbol!

Within this web site you will find information about the early years and the formation of our golfers' group if you click and follow the 'About Us' link. The 'Events' link will take you to a list of forthcoming games, the dates and the locations they are to take place.
The 'Scores' link will show the winning scores shortly after each game as well as the most important duty roster for the following week.
Hopefully the 'News' link will be well fed by all our players and officials with stories and anecdotes of interest to us all.
The 'Contact' link will allow you to contact us using the facilities of the world wide web and this web site.
Finally, the Links page will allow you to travel to a few suggested places on the Internet and allow you to dig a little deeper and explore the billions of exciting web sites around the globe.

walk along Bass Strait
Pictured above: Fossil Bluff and Table Cape as seen from the third fairway of the Wynyard Golf Course.

Wolf, the Volunteer Webmaster!




This web site was created and is maintained by members of the Seabrook Wynyard Veteran Golfers Group. This page was last updated on the 8th of February 2017.
Should you have any comments or suggestions regarding the layout or the content of these pages, please direct them to the Secretary via E-mail.
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